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About Me

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."
This quote has defined my viewpoint when taking on a challenge. When I began my pursuit of becoming a softwar developer coming from a math background I knew my road would not be easy. In order to succeed in this field I needed to take necessary steps to prepare myself, so I enrolled into a Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp while working as a Full Time employee. For 6 months I discovered the diverse field that is software development and through hours of time spent in projects I know this is what I want to do. I am not afraid of what I do not know because through hard work I will be able to learn it.
I've done many individual and group projects which can be viewed here.



An event planning website that lets you create an account using Auth0, create events and invite guests to your events via email.
Technology Used: React/Redux JS, Node/ExpressJS, Material UI, Auth0 authentication, MongoDB/Mongoose

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Application allows users to search for recipes uby ingredients. Users are able to create an account, where they store favorite recipes and their search history is kept.
Technology Used: Express/NodeJS, Bootstrap, Javascript/JQuery, Handlebars, Heroku

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Application that lets a group of friends meet at a convenient location. Website gathers users' location and finds a midpoint along with restaurants around the location.
Technology Used: Bootstrap, Javascript/JQuery, Google Firebase, Google Maps APIs Web Services

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Command Line project that mocks an Electronic Commerce website's interactions.
Technology Used: MySQL, NodeJS


Naruto RPG

Javascript RPG Game based on popular anime series Naruto. Players are allowed to choose which enemy to fight and eventually which character they would like to fight as. To view rules and details about game check GitHub.
Technology Used: JQuery/Javascript, Bootstrap

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Rock Paper Scissors

Rock paper scissors game involving two players. Two different sessions of the website must be instantiated to play. This can be on separate devices.
Technology Used: Google Firebase, Javascript/JQuery

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